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pR STRATEGY + media pitching

Media exposure is key to building brand awareness. From newspapers and magazines to televisions and tablet screens, we create buzz by placing your brand in the media - and in the eyes of consumers who may very well be your next customers.

  • Planning your publicity strategy

  • Pitching your business to journalists

  • Tapping relationships with top tier media


event promotion

Contour PR's event marketing and promotion experience extends to fundraisers, grand openings, product launches, food and art festivals, fashion shows and more. Let us help you market your next event, or promote an occasion already in place.

  • Map out to-do’s leading up to the event

  • Ensure marketing materials go out on time

  • Invite media and manage VIP RSVPs

influencer + social marketing

Social media’s complexity leaves many unsure of how to attract new fans and followers - and then convert them into customers. Good news: our Facebook and Instagram know-how is here to help, and we’ll gladly take on social tasks, such as:

  • Land influencer product placements

  • Optimize business page profiles

  • Strategize social content calendars

community marketing

Increase brand awareness and place yourself in the spotlight with strategic community outreach efforts including event participation, organizational partnerships, product placements, sponsorship opportunities, influencer programs and more.

  • Connect with non-profs, schools and more

  • Reach local residential complexes and offices

  • Gain awareness through event participation


Implementing newsletter campaigns. Planning professional photo shoots. Writing website and ad copy, blogging and editing. Whatever the project, Contour PR is your source for effective content that grabs your audience's attention.

  • Design and distribute newsletters

  • Direct professional photo shoots

  • Write new copy or refresh what exists


consulting + training

Sometimes a full blown PR program isn't the right fit. That's why Contour PR offers one-on-one consultations for businesses and individuals seeking to sharpen their skills as they put a comprehensive plan for self-marketing into place.

  • Determine your ideal marketing tactics

  • Prepare for a DIY publicity campaign

  • Spiff up your team’s social media skills


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